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High Quality Roofing & Roof Snow Removal Services in Rogers, MN

Roof Replacement | Rogers, MN
These shingles were about ready to fall of the roof of the Rogers, MN home.
Roof Replacement | Rogers, MN
Protecting everything we possibly could during the construction process.
Roof Replacement | Rogers, MN
Again, Trinity Exteriors goes the extra step to protect your house and your property.


Our challenge for this residence was to replace the detached garage roof with as little disruption to the homeowners' day-to-day activities.


As one of the best-reviewed roofing contractors in the Minneapolis area, we take extra strides to cause as little disruption to our customers' lives as possible. We pride ourselves in taking the hassle of the restoration process. To do this, we first establish a clear line of communication with the customer to establish the best day and time to start work. Once the schedule is in place, we drop our materials off in an out-of-the-way location to prep for building the next day. When construction begins, we cover everything that roofing debris could possibly impact. Once work is complete, our job site clean up surpasses other contractors for thoroughness. We understand families have small children, pets and vehicles that could all be harmed by leftover roofing materials, so we take every step possible to protect your family and property. We followed this process with the Rogers, MN project, and the end result was a flawless, low-maintenance asphalt roof, and zero impact on the yard and the rest of the house.

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