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Stunning, Dependable, & Durable Metal Roofing

When you take advantage of our metal roofing services, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of one of the most durable and stunning roofing types. Combining a bold, sleek appearance with long-lasting, protective material, metal roofing stands the test of time when it comes to holding up against decades of unpredictable Minnesota weather.

Our metal roofing options of innovative shake, slate, or tile metal roofing concepts will allow you to achieve the stunning look you want your home to exhibit, along with complimenting that elegance with more energy-efficient and low-maintenance metal materials.

  • Metal roofing tile is able to capture that classic vintage tile look without the expenses or high maintenance associated with authentic tile.
  • Shake metal roofing panels give off a more natural wooden appearance but have a much higher endurance and overall longevity compared to a wooden roof.
  • If you’re in the marketing for boosting the energy efficiency of your home, slate metal roofing offers a more modern aesthetic that’s entirely lightweight and completely recyclable.

While many homeowners assume that metal roofing limits the options you have when it comes to colors and design, the fact of the matter is there are plenty of new and exciting ways to enhance the appearance of your house through intricate metal roofing design. Contact Trinity Exteriors today to get started on an estimate for installing your new metal roof!

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

There are advantages to metal roofing that are specifically unique to living in Minnesota, specifically because of how effective they are at protecting your home against extreme weather conditions, as well as their progressive nature as a more environmentally sound roofing material.

Some of the more distinct benefits of having a metal roof include protection, energy efficiency, retained value, and longevity.

Superior Protection

Ice dams, heavy snow, hail storms, house fires; You name it, and a metal roof stands a better chance against it compared to other popular roofing materials. The bottom line is that metal roofing does wonders for preserving your home and protecting it from whatever nature throws its way.

Energy Efficient

In addition to being completely recyclable, metal roofs are perfect for lowering your overall air conditioning cooling costs because of their ability to reflect sunlight and keep the inside of your house cool and comfortable.

Retained Value

Metal roofs are often better at preserving their value over time compared to other roofing options, and there are even possibilities at obtaining qualifications for insurance premium reductions through metal roofing.

Unparalleled Longevity

The bottom line with metal roofing is that it’s a long-term investment that all but guarantees you won’t have to worry about the quality or condition of your roof for decades to come.

Contact Trinity Exteriors for all Your Metal Roofing Needs

If you’re interested in learning more about how metal roofing can defend your home against extreme Minnesota weather, Trinity Exteriors has all the answers and information you need! Contact us today to get started on a free estimate of your metal roofing project, or give us a call at 1-952-920-9520 to speak directly with one of our professional roofing experts.

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