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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Hastings, MN Roofer Trinity Exteriors

Hastings, MN Roofer Trinity Exteriors
The water damage from the leaking skylights is obvious in this photo.
Hastings, MN Roofer Trinity Exteriors
We removed and replaced the old domed skylights to install new curb mounted lights.
Hastings, MN Roofer Trinity Exteriors
Proper flashing is essential to prevent leaks. Flashing should go in most areas where the roof meets another part of the house's structure, such as siding and chimneys.


Improperly installed skylights were leaking and causing significant water damage within the interior of this Hastings, MN residence.


Twin Cities roofer Trinity Exteriors has advanced certification in Velux skylight installation, and we were awarded the manufacturer's 3-Star Installer rating. The leaking was a combination of againg roofing materials, improperly installed skylights and poor flashing around the lights. Flashing should be mounted in a way to channel water away from the window, down the roof to the gutters.

What we did to remedy this situation is remove the old roofing materials, including the aging asphalt shingles on the house proper. We then installed new EPDM rubber roofing for the flat roof around the skylights, and new Owens Corning Oakridge in Teak shingles for the pitched roof. Then we removed and replaced the dome skylights with modern Curb Mounted Velux lights, along with a 14" velux Sun Tunnel to bring in even more light to the home. Then we postitioned the flashing around the new skylights to properly direct water away, and prevent any leaking into the home.

Project Summary

Velux: Curb Mounted Skylights

Velux: 14" Sun Tunnel

Owens Corning Duration: Oakridge in Teak