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Storm Damage Repair for Your Edina Home

Edina, MN, can experience its share of weather-related problems. Any resident of Minnesota knows that unpredictable weather can cause property damage, particularly to their home. Common weather conditions such as tornados, hail, and thunderstorms can damage your home’s roof and cause further problems if not taken care of right away.

If you experience storm damage, you know how stressful it can be. That’s why you need a trustworthy company that can handle storm damage repairs in Edina. Whether it's a fallen tree limb or missing shingles, you need someone to make repairs.

Trinity Exteriors will be your partner throughout the storm damage repair process. No matter what the damage looks like, Trinity Exteriors can help you out.

Don’t forget about winter storm damage, too. Snow and ice can build up on your roof, requiring snow and ice dam removal.

What Does Storm Damage Look Like?

Storm damage in Edina, MN, can look like fallen tree limbs, missing shingles, hail damage, and flashing failures. Strong wind can cause shingles to peel off your roof and expose the roof decking, which can lead to leaks and further damage. Hail creates divots in your shingles which, if left unchecked, will cause further problems down the line.

What to Expect During Storm Damage Repairs in Edina

Storm damage left untreated can cause extensive problems. That’s why you need to call Trinity Exteriors right away. Tell us about your roofing emergency, and we’ll send a crew out to make some temporary repairs. We’ll thoroughly inspect your home and write up a quote to repair the damage. Then, it’s time to call your insurance company.

We Work With Your Insurance

Trinity Exteriors is not afraid to work with insurance companies when it comes to storm damage repairs. We can work with your insurance to make sure the process is smooth and less stressful.

Our quotes will give the insurance company a good understanding of the damage. Once you have your claim filed, Trinity Exteriors will make the necessary repairs to make your home look like new.

Contact Trinity Exteriors for Your Edina Storm Damage Repairs

When you experience storm damage, don’t panic. Make Trinity Exteriors your first call after the worst happens. We’ll make the repairs quickly and efficiently so your home will be safe from further damage.

Don’t wait! Call us at 952-920-9520 or send us a message on our website.

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