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Storm Damage Repair for Your Bloomington Home

When extreme weather conditions show up in Bloomington, MN, there is always a chance that your home can be damaged. Weather is unpredictable, and weather conditions like tornados, hail, and thunderstorms can cause many problems if the conditions are right.

So, who should you call when a tree falls on your roof, or hail has damaged your shingles? The answer is Trinity Exteriors. We’re your local Bloomington storm damage repair experts. Trinity Exteriors has the expertise to repair any of your roof damage caused by summer storms.

Don’t forget about winter storms, though. Winter storms and ice build-up can cause problems for your roof, such as leaks, snow and ice dams, and broken or lost shingles. Trinity Exteriors can handle it all.

What Does Storm Damage Look Like?

Storm damage can encompass many things. Fallen tree limbs, missing shingles, exposed roof decking, and damaged shingles are all signs that your roof has taken a beating. You may even have flashing failures or leaks, depending on the quality of your current roof. Hail can also cause dents in your shingles, making them more vulnerable to damage later.

What to Expect During Storm Damage Repairs in Bloomington

Call Trinity Exteriors right away after your roof sustains damage. Let us know about your roofing emergency, and we’ll dispatch someone as soon as possible. After a thorough inspection of your roof, we’ll help you create a plan moving forward for emergency repairs. Then we’ll make sure you have everything you need to talk to your insurance company.

We Work With Your Insurance

When you call your insurance company, they’re going to need to know the extent of the damage and the quote for repairs that Trinty Exteriors has provided. We will work closely with your insurance company to make sure all repairs are completed within the quote provided. After that, you’re home will look like new!

Contact Trinity Exteriors for Your Bloomington Storm Damage Repairs

Trinity Exteriors is your partner for Bloomington, MN, emergency roof repair. We have the experience and knowledge to repair whatever problems summer and winter storms throw at you.

Don’t delay! Call us at 952-920-9520 or send us a message on our website.

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