West Lakeland’s New Roof Means Protection Against Future Storms

West Lake Roof Replacement
The home before the restoration process
West Lake Roof Replacement
Here is the roof which sustained hail damage
West Lake Roof Replacement
Dents on the skylight due to the hail
West Lake Roof Replacement
Brand new shingles installed!
West Lake Roof Replacement
Expertly installed new skylight
West Lake Roof Replacement
Shingles replaced and the home is restored!


This home in West Lakeland sustained major damage to its roof, and there were major dents and scuffs on the skylights resulting from a hailstorm. After spotting one of our representatives inspecting a nearby roof, they asked if we could take a look at their roof as well.


Upon inspection, we found damage to the shingles as well as dents on the skylight due to the hailstorm. We got to work by tearing off the damaged shingles. We then laid down Owens Corning Weatherlock, which adheres to the roof deck to prevent water migration into the home. Once the Ice & Water Shield was laid down, we began the skylights. As a 3-Star Velux Skylight installer, we seamlessly replaced both of the skylights and ensured it had proper flashing, so that there would be no leaking in the home. We proceeded to install premium Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the homeowner’s choice of Driftwood. With a brand-new roof and beautiful skylights, this home will shine for decades to come!

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration – Driftwood

Velux FS C04 Skylight

Velux FS M04 Skylight