West Lakeland Hailstorm

West Lakeland Gets Hit Hard by Hailstorm and Needs New Roof & Skylights


This homeowner had worked with us in the past on her exterior project, so when the hail storm came through in May of 2022, she knew we were the ones to call for a free inspection to determine if she should file an insurance claim due to hail damage.


We completed our free inspection, and determined her roof had sustained hail damage, so it was time for a full replacement. We understand that your home is more than just your roof and siding, so that is why we made sure to take extra care of the surrounding landscape throughout the replacement process. The homeowner had just gotten a new concrete driveway, and asked that we completely protect the driveway as well as her deck. On top of this, we made sure to leave the materials in her preferred location, because she had sprinklers and wanted to protect her lawn.

Throughout the replacement process, we make sure to do it with as little disruption as possible to the homeowner and work around their schedule. With our knowledge, expertise, and responsive communication, we are able to get the job done efficiently and ensure a detailed clean-up when the process is complete.

We began by removing the old, damaged shingles and inspecting the roof decking, which we determined was up to city code. We laid down new roofing felt and Ice & Water Barrier which provide additional protection to the home from any future storms. After this was completed, we seamlessly installed 2 Velux FS CO4 skylights as well as 1 Velux FS MO4 Skylight, and we ensured that all 3 had the proper flashing to prevent any leaks. The last step was to lay down the new shingles, which the homeowner opted for Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the color “Driftwood”. After a detailed inspection and clean-up, the project was completed, and the homeowners’ roof will shine for decades to come!

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration – Driftwood
Velux FS CO4 Skylight
Velux FS MO4 Skylight