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Case Studies

Storm Restoration Case Studies: Updating Roofing, Siding, Skylight, and Sun Tunnel Due to Storm Damage

Eden Prairie home deals with storm damage
Due to storm damage, this house was in need of replacement to the roof, skylight, sun tunnel, and siding.
Eden Prairie home deals with storm damage
Upon our free roof inspection, we saw many areas that had damaged shingles with impacted granules.
Eden Prairie home deals with storm damage
New Owens Corning Duration shingles in Driftwood. Looking good Eden Prairie!


This Eden Prairie home sustained damage to their roof caused by a recent storm. Having seen our company’s yard sign from a neighbor, they decided to give Trinity a call. Upon inspection, we found that the roof, siding, skylight, and sun tunnel all needed to be replaced.


We began the project with the roof. We began by tearing off the old shingles that had shown granule loss from the impacts of the storm. We then inspected the roof decking to ensure the decking was up to local building code with minimal to no gaps between boards. We replaced the skylights, laid down the flashing, then we put down a layer of Owens Corning Weatherlock Ice & Water Barrier to protect the roof from driving rain and wind. After this, we were able to install the homeowners choice of Owens Corning Duration shingles in the color Driftwood. The damage to the sun tunnel required a top and flange that attaches it to the roof. For the siding, we installed Edco Steel Kore PVC Timbergrain in Claytone to replace the siding on the side of the house that had been damaged. Now the homeowner doesn’t have to worry for the next storm that comes through!

Project Summary

Edco Steel Kore PVC Timbergrain: Claytone

Owens Corning Duration: Driftwood