Case Studies

Storm Damage Requires Full Roof Replacement

The damaged shingles in a much-needed replacement.
The project is complete, and the homeowners loved the look of their house!
Brand new roof!


This home endured damage to its roof and gutters during a previous storm, and it was time for a total replacement. Their colleague had gotten a roof replacement in a previous year, and they referred the homeowner to Trinity Exteriors.


For the storm restoration process, we began by tearing off the existing shingles that had been dented in the storm. After installing the new roofing felt and Ice & Water barrier, our next step was the starter shingles, which prevent a channel from forming when overlapping shingle rows. The homeowners chose high quality Owens Corning Duration Shingles in Driftwood to ensure their roof would remain protected from any future storms. We nailed down the new shingles and replaced the roof vents to help increase the home’s ventilation. Once the roof was completed and inspected, we were able to replace the damaged gutters with aluminum gutters in white.

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration Shingles in Driftwood