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Case Studies

Rosemount Roof Restoration


This homeowner noticed dents and chips on his siding due to hail from a previous storm. After attending the Rosemount Home Expo, he spoke with a representative with Trinity Exteriors about re-siding his home. After the event, he called us to say he’d like to move forward with the replacement!


Trinity Exteriors’ capability to work efficiently and provide extensive communication with the homeowner is part of why we have been in business for over 15 years. We worked closely with the homeowner and his schedule, so that he could make sure he was home during the construction process, and made sure to keep in touch with him daily on the status of the replacement. We began by tearing off the old damaged siding. We then wrapped the house in Tyvek HomeWrap, which helps block air and water from getting inside the house while still allowing water vapor to escape. The homeowner wanted a change of color to his home, so we installed Mastic Carvedwood Vinyl Siding in Pebblestone Clay. We ordered and installed custom green shutters for his windows, and he said the crew did a great job, and he loved the look of his newly renovated home!

Project Summary

Mastic Carvedwood Vinyl Siding – Woodgrain – Pebblestone Clay