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Roofing Experts Restore Shakopee Home


In May of 2022, the Twin Cities experienced an early spring hailstorm, which hit the Shakopee area pretty hard. The homeowners were worried that they had hail damage that could potentially cause leaks in their home. When speaking to a friend, they recommended Trinity Exteriors as an expert roofing and siding contractor, so they reached out to us to get a free estimate.


We did a thorough inspection and documented all of the areas where we saw hail damage. The homeowners filed an insurance claim, and we got to work right away. We started by laying down a catch-all, so that the landscaping was protected from any debris during the replacement process. After removing the damaged shingles, we inspected the decking to ensure it was up to code, and laid down Ice & Water Barrier, which acts as a waterproof roof underlayment membrane that protects vulnerable areas on a roof from ice and water damage. We laid down the new Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles, and the homeowners loved the look of the color “Flagstone,” as it added a pop of color to their home. We finished with our inspection and made sure everything was cleaned up around the property.

Project Summary

Owens Corning Oakridge – Flagstone