Rochester Storm Brings Major Hail Damage

Dayton Insurance Roof Replacement
Here is an example of some of the hail damage we saw
Dayton Insurance Roof Replacement
The house before we began our project
Dayton Insurance Roof Replacement
The roof looks great with its new shingles!
Dayton Insurance Roof Replacement
The project is complete and the homeowners loved it


Storms rolled through the Rochester area, and left this house with extensive damage to their roof and siding. Their neighbor was in the process of having their roof replaced by Trinity, and they recommended us with high praises!


Our process started with a free inspection, in which we found extensive damage to the exterior due to the hailstorm. Once the homeowner filed an insurance claim, we met with them and the insurance adjuster to further assess the damage to the home. Once the claim was approved, we were able to begin the project. First, we took extra care of the surrounding landscape by laying tarps around the home. We then moved on to remove the shingles and then inspected the existing decking to make sure everything was up to code. We proceeded to lay down Ice & Water Barrier, which prevents strong winds or rain to penetrate the roof’s decking, thereby protecting the inside of the home. We then laid down premium Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the homeowner’s choice of Black Sable. The next part of the project was the siding. After removing the existing siding, we covered the house in Tyvek HomeWrap, which protects the home from any moisture damage. We installed the Norandex Cedar Knolls Vinyl Siding in the homeowner’s choice of Maverick Brown. After a thorough cleanup, the job was completed, and the homeowners won’t need to worry about their home exterior next time a storm comes through!

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration – Black Sable

Norandex Cedar Knolls Vinyl Siding – Designer Collection – Maverick Brown