Rochester Home Sustains Major Hail Damage

Rochester Home Sustains Major Hail Damage

Hudson Home Roof Replaced
This roof sustained storm damage from an early May storm..
Rochester Home Hail Damage
Here we are laying down the brand new shingles.
Rochester Home Hail Damage
What a beautiful transformation!


This homeowner knew it was time to get a roof replacement after a large hail storm rolled through the neighborhood and damaged thousands of homes. Social media can be a powerful tool when looking for recommendations on hiring a contractor, so when the homeowner came across our page, he decided to give us a call.


We inspected the roof for damage, where the shingles were showing signs of aging, granule loss, and clear hail damage. Once the homeowner filed a claim, we took time to sit down and decide which shingles and color he wanted to install, and he chose Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the color “Estate Gray”. We started off by tearing off the old, damaged shingles, while carefully removing any debris on the property throughout the entire project to ensure their landscape was not damaged. After following local building codes down to a tee, we then laid down Ice & Water Barrier to protect against driving wind and rain, so the home would not experience any interior damage or leaking in the future. We then laid down the new premium Owens Corning Shingles to finish up the roof.

The final step of the project is to do a complete inspection of the job to ensure all of the work was completely up to local code, and we did a thorough cleanup, so that there were no flyaway nails or shingles left behind.

Project Summary:

Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration - Estate Gray