Case Studies

Maplewood Homeowners Knew Who to Call for Storm Damage

Maplewood Storm Damage
Dents on the roof vents are indicators of storm damage
Maplewood Storm Damage
The roof before any replacement began
Maplewood Storm Damage
Here the crew begins laying Ice & Water Barrier
Maplewood Storm Damage
The Estate Gray color looks amazing!
Maplewood Storm Damage
Fully replaced and ready to endure and future storms


When hailstorms came through this Maplewood area in May of 2022, this homeowner knew who they needed to call. They had redone their siding the previous year through Trinity Exteriors, so they asked us to give them a free inspection to see whether they had hail damage.


We found that there was, in fact, hail damage to their roof, which included dislodged granules and dents to the roof vents. The homeowner filed a claim with their insurance, and we got to work. We made sure to schedule our work around the homeowner’s schedule, and we began by tearing off the existing, damaged shingles. We found the roof decking to be in good condition and up to city code. We laid down Ice & Water Barrier to give the home extra protection against strong winds and driving rain. Once this was finished, we were able to put down the new shingles. The homeowners wanted something they knew would protect their home against future storms, so they opted for premium Owens Corning Duration shingles in the color “Estate Gray.” We replaced the roof vents to ensure the home had proper ventilation to prevent any humidity issues, and we completed the work with a thorough cleanup of the property.

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration – Estate Gray