Hudson Total Roof Replacement

Hailstorm Comes Through Hudson, WI, Meaning Total Roof Replacement

Hudson Home gets new Roof
You can see the old, damaged shingles needed to be replaced.
Hudson Home gets new Roof
The crew lays down Ice & Water Barrier on the home.
Hudson Home gets new Roof
A finished roof with all the protection!
Hudson Home gets new Roof
The new shingles look fantastic!


Our challenge with this Hudson, WI home was to fully replace the roof due to hail damage that occurred by an early spring storm, and to minimize the risk of water damage from future storms.


As a leading Minneapolis roofing and siding contractor, we were able to meet this challenge head on. The homeowners were referred to us by a friend, and they contacted us for a free inspection. Once we discovered hail damage to their roof, they filed a claim with their insurance and we began the restoration process. The homeowners wanted us to take extra precaution of protecting their deck and surrounding landscape, so we made sure to cover the area with plywood and tarps.

Once the area was fully prepped, we tore off the old shingles and inspected the decking for any mushy spots that could cause future water damage to the home. After the decking was determined to be up to code, we put down new roofing felt and added Ice & Water barrier for added protection against high winds and driving rain. We then laid down IKO Dynasty AR Shingles in the homeowners’ choice of “Castle Gray”. Once the shingles were installed, we replaced 6 roof vents, as it is important to have proper ventilation to the household to minimize any risk of water damage due to humidity. After a detailed clean-up of the property, the homeowners were elated to have a brand-new roof that will last them for decades to come.

Project Summary

IKO Dynasty AR – Castle Gray