Hailstorm in Hudson Means Brand-New Roof

Hudson Home Gets a New Roof
Hudson Home Gets a New Roof
Hudson Home Gets a New Roof
The color was a perfect choice, and the IKO shingles will have their home protected for decades to come.


Hudson, Wisconsin experienced storm damage when an early spring storm came through with golf ball sized hail. These homeowners were looking for a contractor to inspect their roof when a family member told them about what a great experience they had with Trinity Exteriors, so they gave us a call!


During our free inspection, we found significant damage to their roof and various dents in some of the roof vents. After this, we began the replacement process. The first step was to set up tarps around the home and ensure the patio furniture was moved away from the home in order to prevent any damage from fly away shingles. We then tore off the existing shingles, taking great care to continuously clean around the home for any nails or shingles that had fallen off, because we understand the importance of your home’s landscaping. Once the roof decking was inspected and determined to be up to code, we were able to lay down roofing felt and Ice & Water Barrier, which provides extra protection to your home from high winds & strong, driving rain.

We were then able to lay down IKO Dynasty AR Shingles in the color “Castle Gray”. These shingles have a Class 3 Impact Resistance Rating, and oftentimes insurance companies will give you a 10-15% discount off of your insurance premium because of this. Once the shingles were installed, we did a full inspection of the project and followed up with a thorough clean-up of the entire property to make sure there were no flyaway nails or any other debris. The homeowners were grateful for the extra protection their new roof provides and that we took the worries away for any future storms that come through their neighborhood.

Project Summary

IKO Dynasty AR – Castle Gray