Hailstorm Damage for Lakeland Homeowners

Hailstorm Damage for Lakeland Homeowners Means New, Premium Shingles

Lakeland Home Gets Shingles Replaced
The home before any restoration had begun.
Lakeland Home Gets Shingles Replaced
Looking for hail damage on your surrounding landscape, or in this case, a trampoline, could indicate that your roof has hail damage as well.
Lakeland Home Gets Shingles Replaced
The crew lays down the Ice & Water Barrier for additional protection to the home.
Lakeland Home Gets Shingles Replaced
The final product turned out fantastic!
Lakeland Home Gets Shingles Replaced
Looking good, Lakeland!


These homeowners experienced an early spring hailstorm in the spring of 2022, and it affected several more than just their roof. They could visibly see damage to their roof, siding, deck, and even their trampoline. Once they saw this damage, they called Trinity Exteriors up for a free inspection.


Oftentimes, when you think of looking for hail damage, you tend to focus just on your roof or siding. But in some cases, such as this one, you can find hail damage in other areas of your home, which will indicate that you likely also have hail damage to your roof. Sometimes it could be dents in your car or chips off the stain on your deck, but in this case, it was the trampoline in their backyard! If you have hail damage to any of those listed, then it is important to get a free inspection to your roof and siding as well. Once we completed our inspection and found significant damage to their property, we got to work right away. Before doing any roof replacement work, we ensured that we took extra precaution to take care of his driveway, which was brand new, to ensure no damage was incurred.

The replacement process begins by tearing off the old and damaged shingles. We made sure to inspect the existing roof decking to ensure that it was up to code and that there were no “mushy” spots that could be susceptible to future water damage. After this was completed, we laid down roofing felt and an Ice & Water Barrier, which gives additional protection against high winds and driving rains. Once this was done, we were able to begin the shingle installation. The homeowners opted for IKO Dynasty Shingles in the color “Cornerstone”, as they are the largest and one of the most reliable shingle manufacturers in the world. With a class 3 Impact Resistance Rating, the homeowners can be assured that their roof will stand up to any future storms to come. After we finished the installation, we ensured that we did a thorough clean-up of the property and a full inspection. The homeowners were ecstatic with the result and that we had taken all of their worries away!

Project Summary

IKO Dynasty AR – Cornerstone