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Golf Ball Size Hail Means New Roof For Eagan Home


These Eagan homeowners experienced golf ball size hail during a hailstorm in May of 2022. Through a networking group, one of our sales representatives told him that we would take care of everything and provide thorough communication and exceed his expectations on the job. The homeowner knew that we were the ones to hire.


We inspected the roof for damage, where the shingles were showing signs of aging, granule loss, and clear hail damage. Once the homeowner filed a claim, we took time to sit down and decide which shingles and color he wanted to install, and he chose Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the color “Teak”. We started off by tearing off the old, damaged shingles, while carefully removing any debris on the property to ensure their landscape was not damaged. After following local building codes down to a tee, we then laid down Ice & Water Barrier to protect against driving wind and rain, so the home would not experience any interior damage or leaking. We then laid down the new premium Owens Corning Shingles to finish up the roof.

We finished the project with a thorough clean up of the yard to ensure there were no stray nails. Being a locally owned and operated contractor means we can provide excellent customer service to homeowners, and we take the time to look at the details that mean so much to Trinity and the homeowners. We consider a detailed cleanup and final inspection an important part of Trinity’s values by providing excellent service, quality work, and integrity.

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration – Teak