Edina Homeowners Concerned About Ice Dams

Edina Homeowners Concerned About Ice Dams

Edina Homeowner Calls Trinity for Snow Removal
Figure 1 In the process of removing snow from the entire roof.


After a big snow storm came through this Edina neighborhood, these homeowners knew that they would be in need of snow removal in order to prevent build-up of large ice dams. They were able to find Trinity Exteriors through recommendations on a mobile app called NextDoor, and they decided to proceed with us!


Originally, they inquired about snow removal on the rear elevation of their home, but they asked us to advice on whether we thought snow removal on the other side of the house would be beneficial. We advised accordingly, and suggested they do an entire snow removal of their roof to prevent ice dams in the future. Thankfully they had called us before any significant ice dams had built up, so there was only mild ice dam removal. We then raked and shoveled the roof, and we took great care to protect their landscaping and ensured that we cleared any of the fallen snow from the walkways and near the entrance to their home. The homeowners were more than happy with the results and said they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us in the future!