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Storm Restoration Case Studies: Eden Prairie Home Restoration

Eden Prairie Home Restoration
Proper ventilation and additional insulation will help this Hopkins home stay warm this winter, while reducing heating costs.


This roof replacement in Eden Prairie posed a number of challenges. Initially, these homeowners contacted Trinity Exteriors for a roof replacement after a hail storm in 2013. Thinking ahead, they also wanted to prep the roof for solar panels. The more we talked with them about their roof, and through our inspection, we found a number of issues with the home. Most pressing, our reps had to address systemic issues arising from poor insulation, ice dams, the soffit areas, heat loss, and how the house "breathes." They also had a flat roof section of the home that they wanted to extend the life of, looking for solutions short of a full replacement, if possible.


This project took a lot of teamwork and communication to follow through to the end. Trinity's rep was careful in helping the homeowner first understand how the insurance company was able to help with the restoration—the insurance company had the homeowner sign a release so they could discuss the project with their sales rep. A lot of factors were in play: because the original metal shake of the home had hidden fasteners, the skylights couldn't be replaced without removing the whole roof, which we did, saving the shakes for the homeowner.

Addressing the ventilation of the home was imperative. No matter how good the replacement materials were, the home would suffer heat loss and roof slumping without proper airflow. To increase the airflow by measurement throughout the home, our crews installed wood blocking around the perimeter of the eaves, rakes, and skylights to support the foam for the cross-vent. Then they installed soffit to bring air into the attic, and the Owens Corning VentSure to allow moist air to be drawn out of the attic, creating airflow to prevent ice dams. Additional insulation kept the house warm below.

Next was getting the roof to code. We addressed the flat roof issues by consulting with the original manufacturer of the synthetic underlayment to see what solutions were available for the homeowner. They were able to suggest a coating to keep the roof healthy for a number more years without a full replacement. For the sloped roof, we installed Owens Corning Deck Defense Underlayment to bring the roof to code and prevent water from finding its way to the roofing decking.

Finally, before installing the Owens Corning Duration Cool Shingles in Frosted Oak, we replaced the damaged skylights, and the solar company installed their lag bolts for the panels.

The following winter, the home was dry, warm and had no signs of the ice dams that had plagued it for so long.