Early Spring Storm Means Restoring This Shakopee Home

Shakopee Home Roof Restored
The roof sustained hail damage from an early spring storm.
Shakopee Home Roof Restored
We always make sure to protect the landscaping surrounding the home.
Shakopee Home Roof Restored
The new IKO shingles in Castle Gray stand out around the block!


The challenge with this project was to restore their roof back to its prime condition after an early spring storm in 2022 came through their neighborhood. It was clear to them that they had hail damage, so they reached out to friends for recommendations on a contractor who would take care of their needs.


The first step was to get a free inspection of their home, and upon inspection, we determined that they did indeed have storm damage, and we recommended a full roof replacement. The homeowners began the process of filing an insurance claim, and we were able to work with their adjusters throughout the project to make sure their needs were taken care of. We took great pains to prepare their property by laying down tarps so that none of their landscaping experienced any damage due to any falling debris.

Then we began the actual tear off of the existing roof and removed the damaged shingles. We determined the roof decking was in excellent condition, so we moved onto laying down new roofing felt and Ice & Water Barrier to prevent any future water damage from future storms. Once this was expertly installed, we laid down premium IKO Dynasty AR Shingles in one of their most popular and eye-catching colors “Castle Gray”. IKO is the largest shingle manufacturer in the world, and their shingles have a Class 3 Impact Resistance Rating, which makes it a great choice for your home. The homeowner was so pleased with the result, that they were willing to give us a video testimonial about how great of an experience they had throughout the entire process!

Project Summary

IKO Dynasty AR – Castle Gray