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Early Spring Hailstorm Means a New Roof for Oakdale Homeowners

Oakdale Roof Damage
One of many hail damaged spots to the roof
Oakdale Roof Damage
Laying down tarps to ensure the home's landscape is completely protected
Oakdale Roof Damage
Beautifully renovated new roof!
Oakdale Roof Damage
The Estate Gray color looks amazing!
Oakdale Roof Damage
The homeowners loved the new look of their roof and color choice of "Black Sable"


The challenge for Minneapolis roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors with this home in Oakdale was to replace this Oakdale home’s roof after it sustained major hail damage during the May 2022 storm, so that it would prevent any future leaks or problems to the interior to the home. Once we performed our free inspection, we confirmed the hail damage and began the work.


The key to our ability to work efficiently and expertly is our time-tested building procedures – perfecting our process is part of the reason we have been experts in our business for more than 15 years. Another reason is through extensive communication with the homeowner. We made sure to touch base frequently with the homeowner and coordinate with the homeowner’s schedule to get the project finished as quickly as possible.

Using our communication systems, we were able to prioritize the project and meet the needs of the homeowners. We began by tearing off the old, damaged shingles, and removed the existing roofing felt. We then installed the new roofing felt and Ice & Water barrier, which provides extra protection to the home’s interior from leaks or moisture damage, to meet local building code. The homeowners selected one of the highest quality shingles: Owens Corning Duration Designer Shingles in “Black Sable,” which was a great way to add a pop of color to their home! Once the shingles were down, we replaced the roofing vents to increase the homes ventilation. After our thorough and detailed cleanup, we performed our inspection to make sure everything was installed at an expert level. The homeowners can rest easy the next time a storm passes through their neighborhood!

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration Designer – Black Sable