Afton, MN Insurance Restoration Roof Replacement

Afton Home Gets a New Roof
The home before the restoration process.
Afton Home Gets a New Roof
Here is the roof which sustained hail damage.
Afton Home Gets a New Roof
Dents on the skylight due to the hail
Afton Home Gets a New Roof
Brand new shingles installed!


An early hail storm came through the Twin Cities East Metro in May of 2022, and the city of Afton got hit pretty hard. Through a networking group, the homeowner became familiar with Trinity Exteriors, and once the storm hit, we offered to give him a free inspection to determine if he had hail damage.


Upon the inspection, we discovered major hail damage to the exterior of his home. Knowing that Trinity Exteriors was a local, expert contractor, they had no doubt that Trinity was right for the job. After we laid down tarps around the home to protect the landscaping, we began by removing the old, damaged shingles. We inspected the roof decking, and ensured there were no issues, and that it was up to code. The next step is to lay down the Ice & Water Barrier, followed by synthetic felt, which protects against water infiltration around eaves, rakes, valleys, and vents. We were then ready to install the new shingles. The homeowners wanted to get something with color that stands out along the block, so they chose premium Owens Corning Duration Designer Shingles in the color “Pacific Wave”. The project was completed in just two weeks from the time of the initial inspection, and the homeowners were over the moon about their new roof!

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration Designer - Pacific Wave