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Siding Case Studies: Townhome Association Repairs and Maintenance

Townhome Association Repairs and Maintenance
Trinity crews begin repairing the loose fascia in Anoka.


The challenge to Trinity Exteriors with this association was to regularly maintain the condition of the siding and roofing, as well as provide any repairs. In early 2017, strong winds dislodge fascia on several of the townhouses.


Maintaining, repairing, and fully replacing windows, siding, and roofing within associations takes a contractor with strong communication and organization skills. Frequently within associations, the contractor is working with not only the homeowner, but the homeowners association and most likely a property manager. With so many parties involved, Trinity Exteriors does well to communicate to keep everyone updated with the schedule. Trinity's project managers and crews are also scheduled around the homeowners for their convenience. In this case with the loose fascia in Anoka, Trinity's crews repaired the damaged products quickly and expertly, and the siding has remained intact since.