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Siding Case Studies: Siding, Roofing Installation | Forest Lake, MN

Roofing Installation | Forest Lake, MN
Before work began, we offered the Forest Lake homeowners a free roofing and siding inspection, to determine how much (if any) hail damage occurred).
Roofing Installation | Forest Lake, MN
Installing a house wrap is required by updated Minneapolis area building code. The wrap greatly improves the home's energy efficiency by preventing moisture entering the house, but allowing water vapor to escape from the inside to the outside.
Roofing Installation | Forest Lake, MN
We are always very diligent in our clean up process. We go the extra step to prevent any roofing debris from affecting the rest of the job site. We consider this to be an integral part of the positive customer experience we provide with every project.


Trinity Exteriors' challenge for this project was to keep the worksite as clean as possible, since the homeowners's lakehouse had plenty of children running barefoot around it every summer. This was a home that needed a complete exterior refresh after a large hailstorm damaged the roof, siding and gutters on this home.


As with every restoration we do, we take the utmost care to protect the homeowners' property and landscaping. When we began the project, the first thing we did was put down tarps and OSB board to protect plants and windows. As we tore off the old, hail damaged materials, we took care to clean intermittently throughout the building process to remove any debris from the site.

For the actual installation, we put down Owens Corning Ice & Water Barrier, in keeping with the local Minneapolis building codes. Then we nailed in the homeowners' asphalt shingle choice: GAF TImberline in Weathered Wood.

Hail stones also impacted the siding, so we replaced it with new vinyl 4" clapboard in Cobblestone. The gutters also showed significant denting, so we removed and recycled the old gutters, installing new seamless aluminum gutters in Cobblestone Clay color.

Project Summary

GAF Timberline: Weathered Wood