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Siding Case Studies: Siding Restoration for Woodbury, MN Home

Siding Restoration for Woodbury, MN Home
Our crew wrapped the house first to bring it up to new local building codes, and to help with the home's energy efficiency during humid Minnesota summers and frigid winters.
Siding Restoration for Woodbury, MN Home
Flashing around the windows is essential to keeping water from leaking into the house and causing damage to paint and walls.
Siding Restoration for Woodbury, MN Home
The siding looks flawless.


Sometimes the only obstacle between living in the beautiful home you truly want and the home you have is financial. These new homeowners in Woodbury were hesitant to put yet more money in their house after having just purchased it, but they disliked the look of the home and knew if they waited on restoring the siding, they would be nickeled and dimed repairing the aging materials over the year.


Minneapolis area siding contractor understands this. This is why we offer same-as-cash financing for 12 months. The homeowners of this Woodbury home took advantage of this great offer to improve their home not only while their living there, but they will recoup at least 70% of the cost of the project when they plan to resell the home a few years down the road.

Project Summary

Mastic: Carved wood Double 4" in English Wedgwood