Case Studies

Siding Case Studies: Roofing Expert Trinity Exteriors Restores Stillwater Home

Roofing Expert Trinity Exteriors Restores Stillwater Home
The siding suffered hail stone impacts during a large storm in Stillwater, MN.
Roofing Expert Trinity Exteriors Restores Stillwater Home
Improper flashing put this chimney at risk for leaks and deterioration to the house structure.
Roofing Expert Trinity Exteriors Restores Stillwater Home
Starting work on restoring the siding impacted by hail in a spring 2015 storm.


Proper roof ventilation is vital to the safety, comfort and longevity of a house. This Stillwater home had difficulty properly moviing moisture from inside of the house to the outside. This affected the homeowners' energy bills and was causing some drafts within the house.


After the large hail storm that hit the area was the perfect time to address the Stillwater home's ventilation issues. During our free roof inspection, we were able to evaluate the ventilation failings. We tore off the hail damaged shingles on the home, and removed the poorly placed 750 vents in the roof. Instead, we installed an Owens Corning Baffle style Ridge Vent, which is much more efficient at moving air through the attic and out of the house. Then we installed the homeowners' asphalt shingle choice of Tamko Heritage 30 in Thunderstorm Grey.

We also had the opportunity to replace the siding of the house, since the previous vinyl siding had been severely damaged by hail stones. We put on house wrap, also designed to help move water vapor and moisture out of the home. Over that we built the Mastic Structure 7" Clapboard in Everest, and in the gables for a lovely accent, Mastic Board & Batten in Everest. The homeowners were happy with the result and the ease of such a large restoration project.

Project Summary

Owens Corning: Ridge Vent

Tamko: Heritage 30 in Thunderstorm Grey

Mastic: 7" Clapboard in Everest

Mastic: Board & Batten in Everest