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Siding Case Studies: Lino Lakes Siding Repair

Lino Lakes Siding Repair
Here we are removing some of the rotted siding planks.
Lino Lakes Siding Repair
The step flashing was rusting and not helping channel water away from the house.
Lino Lakes Siding Repair
Housewrap is always a necessity when installing any new siding. It helps prevent water damage to the home, yet it's breathable material allows water vapor to escape the home.
Lino Lakes Siding Repair
The new siding is virtually seamless, and the homeowners no longer have to worry about the rot or pests.


This home needed several siding repairs, but not enough to warrant an entire replacement.


Siding contractor Trinity Exteriors was able to help the Lino Lakes homeowner avoid the cost of a complete siding replacement by performing each repair seperately.

First, we addressed the largest problem: The rotting wood siding near the garage. We tore off the rotted wood pieces and installed new cedar boards, which should be better at mitigating moisture and pest damage in the future.

We also installed new LP SmartSide trim on the front elevation of the house.

Then, we noticed the step flashing was insufficient, so we removed and replaced it, and also installed kick-out flashing to keep water away from the wall, where it could more easily leak into the house.

Finally, we did some tuck-pointing around the brick of the front of the house. These repairs kept the house looking updated and undamaged, without tearing off and installing all new siding.

Project Summary

LP SmartSide: Textured Strand in 12"