Eden Prairie Home Experiences Woodpecker Damage to Siding

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Eden Prairie Home Experiences Woodpecker Damage to Siding

 You can see the damage that the woodpeckers had caused to the siding around the chimney.
We rushed to place an emergency tarp over the area where the tree had fallen
During the restoration process, we had to do some sheathing around the outside of the chimney.
Here you can see the damage and dislodged shingles
 Fully replaced and fully restored!
With their new roof and siding, the transformation is incredible!


This homeowner noticed that his siding had become victim to woodpecker damage. There were holes where the woodpeckers had poked through his cedar siding in order to get to the bugs that had made a home in the wood, and he was concerned that this could lead to water damage. A friend had recommended Trinity to help restore his home, so he gave us a call.


The homeowner knew that eventually he wanted to replace the siding around his entire home, but for now he wanted to focus on the problem area, which was the chimney. Chimneys with cedar siding are especially prone to woodpecker damage, due to the amount of moisture that it emits from the home (from things like steamy showers or running the dishwasher).

Before we even began the restoration process, we made sure to lay down tarps and plywood, so that the surrounding landscaping was protected from any flyaway nails or debris. To address the problem, we started by tearing off the old, damaged siding. Once the siding was removed, we found that there was some existing rot that required sheathing. Once installed, we covered the area with Tyvek Housewrap, which protects the home from water damage while still allowing the house to “breathe”. In order to prevent future damage, the homeowner elected to install Colorplus Hardie Cedarmill Siding in the color “Cobblestone” to match the rest of the home, which is a fiber cement siding and gives superior protection against woodpeckers. After an extensive clean up, the homeowner was grateful to have his home restored and wouldn’t have to worry about future woodpecker damage!

Project Summary

Colorplus Hardie Cedarmill Siding – Cobblestone