Storms Blow Shingles Off Oakdale Home And Gets Replaced

Oakdale Roof Replacement
The roof before any restoration began
Oakdale Roof Replacement
You can see one of the areas where the home was experiencing leaking through to the interior
Oakdale Roof Replacement
As our crew works to install the new roof, we took extra precaution of the home's landscape by laying down tarps
Oakdale Roof Replacement
Close up of the brand-new shingles!
Oakdale Roof Replacement
What a transformation with the new shingles!


This Oakdale home had years of damage to their shingles due to weather and storms that caused shingles to blow off of their roof, which was starting to cause leaks on the inside of the house, and they knew they needed a replacement. When they contacted their insurance agent, he recommended they give Trinity Exteriors a call.


We began with a free inspection of the home, and it was clear that they needed a roof replacement. We began the restoration process by removing the old, damaged shingles. Once that was done, we inspected the roof decking to ensure everything was up to code. We then laid down a layer of Owens Corning Weatherlock, which protects against water infiltration around eaves, rakes, valleys, and vents. We then went on to put on the new shingles, in which the homeowners chose Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles in Sierra Gray. Once we finished with the shingles, we replaced 5 different roofing vents to ensure the house had proper ventilation during all seasons. The homeowners loved the result, and they know their home will withstand any future storms or high winds that come through.

Project Summary

Owens Corning Oakridge - Sierra Gray