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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Stillwater, MN Skylight Expert

Stillwater, MN Skylight Expert
Before work began on the Stillwater house, hail stone denting is obvious in the skylight glass.
Stillwater, MN Skylight Expert
Insufficient skylight flashing means the home is at risk for water damage.
Stillwater, MN Skylight Expert
An extra moisture barrier helps protect the home's interior.
Stillwater, MN Skylight Expert
These skylights are perfectly protected and looking great.


The 10 skylights of this Stillwater home had obvious dents and scuffs resulting from a spring hail storm. The flashing around the skylights were also condusive to leaking.


As a 3-Star Velux Skylight installer, Minneapolis roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors met this challenge easily. First, we had to work with the homeowners and their insurance company to ensure the claim woudl be covered by the homeowners' poilcy.

We started construction with a full tear off of the old asphalt shingles. The homeowners selected GAF Timberline Prestigue HD asphalt shingles in Weathered Wood, which we installed to manufacturers' requirements. Then, we removed each of the 10 skylights, replacing them with Velux skylights. What sets Trinity Exteriors apart from other roofing contractors is the care and detail we take with the flashing. Skylights are a beautiful, valuable addition to a home, but leaking caused by improper flashing ruins the skylight experience. We installed the flashing to perfection, and those lights will continue to light that Stillwater home for decades to come.

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