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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Shoreview, MN Roofing Project

Shoreview, MN Roofing Project
The streaks on the roof indicates the roof's old age, and the rusting around the vents and chimney were of serious concern.
Shoreview, MN Roofing Project
Water had no problem bypassing rusted flashing around the chimney. Leaking from the roof can get into the insulation, which can lead to mold growth and which definitely reduces the insulation's ability to warm your home.
Shoreview, MN Roofing Project
New chimney flashing on this roof means no more water leaking into the attic!


After a hail storm showed the many failings of this roof in Shoreview, MN, our challenge was to replaced the roof fully and find a better system to prevent leaking around the chimney.


After thousands of projects over 10 years, Minneapolis area roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors is an expert in replacing hail damaged roofs efficiently and effectively. This home posed an additional challenge in that many elements of the roof were starting to fail from age. Primarily, the flashing around the chimney had rusted and could no longer prevent water from slowly seeping into the house.

The Trinity Exteriors crew knows the insides and outs of proper flashing, and we always make it a priority, where some contractors think shingles are enough to keep water out of your home. Galvanized steel flashing around the chimney should channel water away from the chimney and down the roof to the gutters, which directs water away from the foundation of the home. We also installed step flashing and reglet along the points of the roof that met siding.

For the roof replacement itself, we installed new asphalt shingles: Tamko Heritage 40 in Weathered Wood.

Project Summary

Tampko Heritage 30: Weathered Wood