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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Rosemount, MN Roof Replacement

Rosemount, MN Roof Replacement
These shingles were showing signs of age and distress. We wanted to put new asphalt shingles on the house to ensure the roof would not experience any problems during the next Minnesota storm season.
Rosemount, MN Roof Replacement
Taking care of the gutters is a priority, since the gutters channel the water away from the house and clear of the foundation. Many homeowners who experience flooding and foundational issues do so due to lack of gutter consideration.
Rosemount, MN Roof Replacement
Here our crew is installing the new Owens Corning asphalt shingles.


The challenge for our customers in this Rosemount, MN roofing project was finding room in the budget. It's no secret many Minneapolis homeowners wait for a hail storm to take a look at their roof. But in many cases, waiting just won't work.


To tackle this challenge, Rosemount roofer Trinity Exteriors thoroughly investigated the condition of the roof. We found that the shingles were showing signs of aging, granule loss and other ailments that meant the home was at risk for water damage in the near future. The homeowner's insurance policy would not cover a roof replacement since it wasn't directly harmed in a storm. We were able to make this new roof affordable to the homeowners with our Interest Free Financing through EnerBankUSA. By alleviating the financial burden, our customers could focus on getting a new, safe roof on their house.

We began the project with a full tear off of the old shingles, carefully removing the debris from the property with little to no impact on the landscaping and driveway. After following local building codes down to the letter and installing proven and tested Owens Corning Ice & Water Barrier to protect against driving rain and wind, we nailed down Owens Corning Duration asphalt shingles in Sand Dune.

Our final step with the project was to very thoroughly go over the yard again. The couple have some young children, and the last thing we wanted was for any little feet to get hurt by a nail. This is just another example of how being locally owned and operated means we can provide the best customer service to homeowners in the Minneapolis area; we have time to carefully take care of the details that mean so much to us. We consider a detailed cleanup part of the three pillars on which Trinity Exteriors was built:Service, Quality and Integrity.

Project Summary

Owens Corning: Duration in Sand Dune