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Case Studies

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Roofing Replacement in Mound, MN

Roofing Replacement in Mound, MN
It's easy to see the cupping and curling of these defective shingles.
Roofing Replacement in Mound, MN
During the restoration process, we tore off the old shingles and made sure to collect all the roofing debris so it didn't damage the homeowners' landscaping.
Roofing Replacement in Mound, MN
Here the Trinity Exteriors roofing crew installs Ice & Water Barrier in the valley to protect susceptible areas of the roof from water damage.
Roofing Replacement in Mound, MN
Here, warranty backed asphalt shingles are ready to work for this Mound home for the next several years.


Trinity Exteriors had the challenge of helping these Mound homeowners replace their shingles which, due to a manufacturer defect, were degrading faster than industry standards.


In the case of one manufacturer, some organic shingles installed between 1987 and 2005 are showing extreme wear before average shingles would. Visible, non-weather related damage such as cracking, curling, pitting, blistering and degranualation mean the shingles can't protect the home as they should.

For this roof, we tore off the defective shingles but saved several samples. The homeowners were able to send this to the manufacturer to file a claim against their defective roof.

We then installed new asphalt shingles that will protect the house from rain and hail. The homeowners chose Tamko Heritage 30 in Autumn Brown.

Project Summary

Tampa Heritage 30: Autumn Brown