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Case Studies

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Roof Restoration in Wayzata, MN

Roof Restoration in Wayzata, MN
Before work began on the Wayzata home roof replacement.
Roof Restoration in Wayzata, MN
Flashing such as this is faulty and won't help prevent water from entering the house. We removed this and installed modern, driven flashing.
Roof Restoration in Wayzata, MN
During the Wayzata project we removed all the old materials to give a clean foundation for new Owens Corning shingles.
Roof Restoration in Wayzata, MN
The completed project show the attention to detail Trinity Exteriors brings to each roof restoration.


After a large hail storm, this house needed a new roof and custom painting on the siding. The challenge for us was to coordinate the painting with installation of new gutters and asphalt shingles.


For this particular project, to address the chipped paint from hail stones, the custom painting had to be done first. Our crew carefully removed the gutters. Once the painting was done, we protected the siding as we tore off the old asphalt shingles that were also damaged in the storm. Once all the material was ripped off, we inspected the roof decking to ensure no moisture had penetrated and softened the OSB. Next, we put down an Ice & Water Barrier to give the decking additional protection for the new roof. Then we nailed down Owens Corning Duration shingles in Driftwood. We replaced all the vents, which showed obvious signs of denting, and upgraded the home's gutter apron to a beautiful bronze option.

Project Summary

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