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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Recalled Shingles Means New Roof for Waconia Home

Recalled Shingles Means New Roof for Waconia Home
Before: the shingles are separating, risking water damage to the roof.
Recalled Shingles Means New Roof for Waconia Home
After: New shingles mean no worries for the Waconia homeowner.


This roof in Waconia had shingles that were actually recalled for being faulty.


Our solution was to replace the roof. Typically, an asphalt roof should last between 15 and 25 years. These shingles had shown, over time, they were deteriorating faster than the acceptable rate. The manufacturer recalled the shingles, and a class action lawsuit provided homeowners some money to replace their roof with functioning shingles.

We tore off the entire roof, inspected the decking, and put down a new Ice & Water barrier over the roof's decking. Then, our crews fastened down the new Tamko Heritage 30 shingles, in the popular Rustic Brown color.

After a day of work, and a final inspection, the roof replacement was complete, and the homeowners finally had durable shingles on their roof.

Project Summary

Tamko Heritage 30: Rustic Brown