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Case Studies

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Orono, MN Roofing Restoration

Orono, MN Roofing Restoration
The damaged roof also needed to be evaluated for proper ventilation.
Orono, MN Roofing Restoration
Even though the primary reason for the roof replacement was hail damage, the roofs age and the elements were slowly deteriorating the materials used.
Orono, MN Roofing Restoration
Here we are checking that the planks are within code, without significant gapping.
Orono, MN Roofing Restoration
The color of the new Owens Corning shingles looks great against the house's brick.


The challange for Minneapolis area roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors with this Orono, MN home was to properly evaluate the house's ventilation and to replace the roof.


Poor roof ventilation can cause a host of problems. The vast majority of homes in the Minneapolis area have insufficient roof ventilation, so when we're called onto a project, we assess how we can improve the ventilation to prevent mold growth and improve the home's energy efficiency. This home was unique in that it didn't have an attic, which usually provides some extra working space for ventilation.

After the evaluation, we ended up replacing 7 vents, and the ventilation was sufficient to keep air moving through the house and back outside. We installed new Owens Corning Duration shingles in Onyx Black and removed and replaced the gutters with new 5" seamless aluminum gutters in White.

Project Summary

Owens Corning: Duration in Onyx Black