Oakdale, MN Home in Need of New Roof

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Oakdale, MN Home in Need of New Roof

Maplewood Storm Damage
The old damaged roof in need of replacement
Maplewood Storm Damage
We made sure to protect their deck and landscaping
Maplewood Storm Damage
Their brand-new roof looks great!
Maplewood Storm Damage
The new vinyl siding is fully restored!


These homeowners suspected they had damage to their home after an early May hailstorm. After some research, they decided to give Trinity Exteriors a call.


After our free inspection, it was clear that the home had significant hail damage. When we begin to schedule the project, we always make sure to take into consideration the homeowners’ schedule. The homeowner requested we give him at least a 4-day notice before we build, as he had dogs that he was going to board during the build. We understand that your pets are your family, so we were happy to go the extra mile!

As always, we make sure to protect the surrounding landscaping of the home by covering the deck and other foliage with tarps. After the property was fully protected, we began the roof replacement process. After tearing off the damaged shingles, it’s important to inspect the roof decking to ensure it’s up to city code. Once we determined this was the case, we laid down roofing felt and Ice & Water Barrier, which gives extra protection against driving rain and strong winds, especially on the eaves, rakes, and valleys. After this, we installed the new Premium Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the color “Teak”.

Once the roofing project was completed, we moved onto the siding. The home had experienced hail damage, particularly to one side of the house. We removed the damaged siding, and then wrapped the house in Tyvek HouseWrap, which helps block air and water from getting inside the house while still allowing water vapor to escape. After this was completed, we installed Exterior Portfolio Parkview Vinyl Siding in the color “Clay” to match the existing siding on the rest of the home. After a thorough cleanup of the landscape, we wrapped up the project, and the homeowners were grateful for such a seamless, worry-free restoration of their home!

Project Summary:

Owens Corning Duration - Teak

Exterior Portfolio Parkview Vinyl Siding - Clay