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Roof Replacement Case Studies: New Roofing Project in Norwood Young America

New Roofing Project in Norwood Young America
The existing asphalt shingles on this roof were in bad shape. Photos such as this from our free inspection showed the homeowners there was work to be done on the roof before the house could go on the market.
New Roofing Project in Norwood Young America
When this roof was installed, the contractors took a shortcut to divert water around the chimney. This method proved ineffective, and we noted we would have to re-flash the chimney to prevent any water from infiltrating the roof decking.
New Roofing Project in Norwood Young America
With new shingles and water-tight flashing, this roof is ready to shine for prospective homebuyers when the Norwood Young America house goes on the market.


The challenge for us with this Norwood Young America, MN home was to get it ready to go on the housing market. The roof was extremely old and the asphalt shingles were curling and cupping, certainly not appealing to potential buyers.


As one of the leading roofing and siding contractors in the Minneapolis area, Trinity Exteriors is the expert in helping homeowners get their houses ready to go on the market. We want to help you bring your home up to local building codes and show it's true potential with new siding and roofing. For these homeowners, it was a simple process of first removing the almost 25-year-old shingles. Then we fully inspected the decking for the roof and found there were no gaps in the wood planks, nor mushy spots that would not hold up well to hail. We put down a layer of Ice & Water Barrier, which local Minneapolis building code requires for 24" within the line of the exterior walls. All the step flashing and roof vents had to be replaced. Rusted roofing components mean they are more susceptible to damage in storms.

After working with the homeowners through the different shingle options, they selected Tamko Heritage 30 in Thunderstorm Grey, which worked well with their siding colors and added real curb appeal for prospective buyers.

Project Summary

Tampa Heritage 30: Thunderstorm Grey