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Roof Replacement Case Studies: New Roof Installation in Maple Plain, MN

New Roof Installation in Maple Plain, MN
This Maple Plain, MN roof was in bad shape after a severe storm felled a tree onto it.
New Roof Installation in Maple Plain, MN
Here is a photo of ineffective chimney flashing. This shoddy work poses risks of water intrusion into the home.
New Roof Installation in Maple Plain, MN
New chimney flashing for the Maple Plain home means the homeowner no longer has to worry about the possibility of leaking.


Our challenge with this residence was to repair severe damage caused by a falling tree during a storm in Maple Plain, MN. We also had to protect the home against future leaking.


While the homeowner was able to DIY some repairs to the roof immediately after the storm, getting the roof into pristine condition was a quickly became a ghihg priority for roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors. We came on to the job site shortly after the homeowners called in, and tore off the old asphalt shingles to replace the OSB decking that had holes in it. After lining an Ice & Water Barrier 24" inside the exterior wall line—according to Minneapolis area building code—we nailed down Owens Corning Duration shingles in Driftwood.

Seeing how the roof was constructed, proper flashing was a large priority for us. The risk for rot and moisture intrusion increases in places where a roof meets the wall of the house, so we crafted kick out flashing that would direct water away from the house and down to the gutters. We also removed and replaced the insufficient flashing around the chimney.

Project Summary

Owens Corning: Duration in Driftwood