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Roof Replacement Case Studies: New Brighton Roofing Replacement

New Brighton Roofing Replacement
Upon our initial inspection, we suspected this roof was already experiencing some leaking at the point where the roof met the siding. Leaking is highly likely here, since water tends to pool, unless channeled away with the proper flashing.
New Brighton Roofing Replacement
Our work begins on repairing the flat and pitched roofs.
New Brighton Roofing Replacement
This roof not only looks great, but there are no leaks and the homeowners likely won't have to worry about another roof replacement during the rest of their ownership.


The challenge put to Minneapolis area roofing contractor on this New Brighton home was to increase the home's energy efficiency on its flat roof over the all-season porch, and to prevent water leaks in the highly susceptible place where the roof meets the siding.


With more than a decade of experience in replacing all types of roofing for residential and commerical properties in the Twin Cities, exterior contractor Trinity Exteriors had the talent and knowledge to cure all these roofing woes. After our free roof inspection, we tore off the old (between 15 and 20 years) asphalt shingles. After putting down the Ice & Water Barrier, which is designed to withstand driving wind and hail, we installed GAF Timberline Prestique HD shingles in Shakewood on the pitched roof. We had our suspicions about the efficacy of the dormer flashing, so we removed and replaced this.

For the flat roof, we installed ISO insulation board. This material has a high R-Value to help regulate the temperature inside the all-season porch. As a final touch to update the home, we put on a new gutter apron and seamless aluminum gutters in Brown.

Project Summary

GAF Timberline Prestique HD: Shakewood