Minneapolis Home Gets A New Roof

Oakdale Roof Replacement
The old, damaged shingles that needed replacement
Oakdale Roof Replacement
The new color with the premium shingles looks fantastic!
Oakdale Roof Replacement
With its new roof, the curb appeal of the home improved dramatically


This Minneapolis home received damage to its roof due to high winds during a hailstorm, and they needed to replace their entire roof. After speaking to a friend who gave high praises to Trinity Exteriors, they decided to give us a call.


The homeowner was particularly concerned about any stains or damage to his driveway, so we took extra precautions while working with his roof. We understand your home is your largest asset, and the last thing a homeowner would want is to come home to a brand-new roof but a driveway stained with oil and a lawn littered with nails. During the project, we took great pains to maintain the state of the landscaping and the driveway, and once the work was complete, we did a thorough cleanup of any stray shingles or flyaway nails.

We began by taking off the existing, damaged shingles. We then inspected the roof decking to ensure everything was up to code. After we determined the roof decking was in good shape, we laid down Ice & Water Barrier to prevent any driving wind or rain from damaging the roof decking of the home and causing any leaks. We then laid down the new premium Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the homeowner’s choice of Onyx Black. The homeowners can trust that their home can stand up against any future storms and strong winds!

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration – Onyx Black