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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Insurance Roof Restoration | Shakopee, MN

Insurance Roof Restoration | Shakopee, MN
The first step in our insurance restoration process is a free roof inspection to determine how much, if any, damage occurred during the storm.
Insurance Roof Restoration | Shakopee, MN
Properly putting down Owens Corning Weathercock Ice & Water Barrier.
Insurance Roof Restoration | Shakopee, MN
We took every precaution to protect this homeowner's new decking and landscaping.
Insurance Roof Restoration | Shakopee, MN
We expertly flashed the new Velux skylight, to prevent any water damage to the interior of the home.


The owner of this Shakopee project hired Minneapolis roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors to replace his roof after a large hail storm. The homeowner had major concerns about the work being done on his house so soon after he had purchased brand new landscaping and deck.


Our customers' property is always a priority for us. We understand your home is your largest asset, and that the last thing any homeowner would want is to come home to a brand new roof but a lawn that's littered with shingles and nails. For this project we took great pains to cover the landscaping and deck, and then once work was complete, we went through the cleanup process twice to remove any stray pieces of roofing, and to pick up flyaway nails with a large magnet.

On the home, the older skylight had some leaking around it. After we tore off the hail impacted asphalt shingles to replace with new Owens Corning Duration shingles in Sand Dune, we had to remove and replace the skylight, which had serious leaking around the edges. As a 3-Star Installer for Velux Skylights, we expertly switched the skylight out and fitted it with appropriate flashing to prevent future leaks. We removed the hail damaged gutters and replaced them with seamless aluminum gutters in White.

Our final challenge was fixing the water damage along the ceiling and walls within the house caused by the leaking skylight. We custom painted, and with the new skylight and flashing, leaking won't be a concern for this homeowner in the future.

Project Summary

Velux: Fixed Skylight

Owens Corning: Duration in Sand Dune