Case Studies

Grant, MN Home Gets a Full Roof Replacement

Maplewood Storm Damage
Weathered and hail damaged roof in need of replacement
Maplewood Storm Damage
These duration shingles will keep the home protected against future storms!
Maplewood Storm Damage
Here the crew begins laying Ice & Water Barrier


These homeowners started noticing Trinity Exteriors yard signs popping up all over his neighborhood. Knowing that a hail storm had recently run through the city, they decided they needed to get their roof inspected, and they called us.


Our free inspection found hail damage to this weathered roof, and it was time for a replacement. We began the project, and the first thing we did was put down tarps to protect plants and surrounding landscaping. As we tore off the old, damaged shingles, we made sure to clean intermittently throughout the process to remove any debris from the site. Once the shingles were removed, we laid down Ice & Water Shield, making sure to install an additional layer over the front entry porch and the right elevation above their dog kennel. The homeowners wanted to have additional protection to their home, and so they chose premium Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the color “Onyx Black.” Throughout the entire process, we made sure to carefully document the project to ensure everything was installed correctly and up to code. The homeowners were very concerned about any spare nails in their yard, as they had a dog who loved to play outside. To put their worries at ease, we did a thorough and detailed cleanup of their property. The homeowners were happy with the result and the ease of their restoration project.

Project Summary:

Owens Corning Duration