Early Spring Storm Damage Means New Roof For Shakopee Home

Shakopee Roof Replacement
You can see some of the dents caused by the recent hailstorm on the skylights
Shakopee Roof Replacement
Here is the old roof where you can see some of the hail damaged spots
Shakopee Roof Replacement
The new duration shingles will protect the home from any future storm damage
Shakopee Roof Replacement
Brand new Velux skylight installed!
Shakopee Roof Replacement
We replaced the roof on the shed with the new duration shingles
Shakopee Roof Replacement
The homeowners loved the end result!


An early May storm came through and caused damage to the home’s roof and caused denting on the skylights. In order to prevent any water damage to the home, the homeowners knew they needed a replacement right away. Their friend recommended Trinity Exteriors as their expert contractor, and they gave us a call.


When replacing this Shakopee roof, we make sure to do it with as little disruption as possible to the homeowner. With our knowledge, expertise, and communication, we are always able to get the job done efficiently ensure a detailed clean up when the project is complete.

We started by tearing off the damaged shingles, and then we laid out Ice & Water Shield to protect the home from and driving winds or rain that could damage the interior of the home. Next, we removed the old, dented skylight and installed a new Velux Deck Mounted Fixed Skylight with white trim, which we made sure had the proper flashing. Lastly, we put down the new shingles, which the homeowners opted for IKO Dynasty AR shingles in DriftShake. This process was also done for a shed on the homeowner’s property. The home is now prepared for any future storms, and the homeowners have peace of mind that Trinity Exteriors took their worries away.

Project Summary

IKO Dynasty AR – DriftShake

Velux Deck Mounted Fixed Skylight With Blinds