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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Chaska, MN Roof Replacement

Chaska, MN Roof Replacement
The state of the shingles when we first came on site. Not only had they been damaged by hail, they were showing signs of advanced age.
Chaska, MN Roof Replacement
We took every precaution to protect the homeowners' landscaping and property.
Chaska, MN Roof Replacement
A sure sign of a damaged roof is when granules, which protect the shingles from UV rays, are carried by rain down to the gutters. This means the shingles are susceptible to the elements and are less effective preventing water damage to the roof and home.


The challenge of this Chaska, MN house was to remove and replace all the building materials that had been damaged by hailstones during a large storm that affected hundreds of homes in the Minneapolis area.


Roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors faced this challenge head on with our proven process for insurance restoration projects. First, we investigated the extent of the damage with a free roof inspection. Then we met with both the homeowner and insurance adjuster to make sure all damage was ackowledged and noted by the insurance company. Our supplementor worked hard to guarantee the damage covered by the homeowner's policy.

When beginning the construction process, we took pains to protect the homeowners' landscaping and aspects of the house we weren't working on. After tearing off the old shingles and inspecting the decking for any damage, we installed new Tamko Heritage 30 shingles in Black Walnut. We replaced all the vents dented by hailstones. The gutters were also hit, so we removed and replaced those, as well. As an added bonus, we wrapped the windows, to help increase the energy efficiency of the home.

Project Summary

Tamko Heritage: Black Walnut