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Roof Repair Case Studies: Victoria, MN Insurance Restoration Roof Replacement

Victoria MN Insurance Restoration Roof Replacement
Before work began, we fully photo-documented the state of the roof for the insurance adjuster to look over.
Victoria MN Insurance Restoration Roof Replacement
After a full tear off of the hail damaged shingles, and before installing a new asphalt roof, we re-inspected the decking. The wood was free of any gapping or signs of water damage, and was safe for the roof replacement.
Victoria MN Insurance Restoration Roof Replacement
During the roof replacement project, we document each step of the new installation.


The challenge with this Victoria, MN residence was getting the restoration work covered by the homeowner's insurance company, and fully replacing the roof to the homeowner's specifications.


After more than 10 years of business in the Minneapolis area, roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors has superior experience working with all the major (and the minor) insurance companies. When the homeowner called for a free inspection, we did indeed find a great deal of hail damage from a storm that rolled through the area in May. We talked through the next steps with the homeowner, the first of which was to meet with both the homeowner and the insurance adjuster. We do this as not only as an advocate to the homeowner, but also to easily point out the damage to the adjuster who, after large storms, inspects dozens of houses a day and may miss some damage.

In this case, our in-house supplementor worked with the insurance company to ensure all the details of the job would be covered by the claim, things some contractors don't think about such as the fascia, vents and drip edge. Once we secured a permit and were cleared for construction, we installed the homeowner's asphalt shingle choice of Owens Corning Duration in Desert Tan.

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Owens Corning: Duration in Desert Tan