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Case Studies

Roof Repair Case Studies: Roofing Repairs in Falcon Heights, MN

Roofing Repairs In Falcon Heights MN
Here are some of the problems our free roof inspection uncovered related to the leaking caused by a lack of Ice & Water Barrier.
Roofing Repairs In Falcon Heights MN
Insulation that looks like this is not a good sign. Here's what our crew uncovered before we started making our roof repairs.
Roofing Repairs In Falcon Heights MN
Here, our crew removed the starter row of shingles and we were working toward putting down the Ice & Water Barrier.
Roofing Repairs In Falcon Heights MN
After the repairs were completed, the homeowner was incredibly happy not to have to worry about roof leaks.


The challenge with this Falcon Heights home was to bring the house up to code, and to stop the leaking that was ruining the insulation and other roofing components.


To solve this challenge, we first assessed the home as a whole with our free inspection. We discovered the damage caused by roof leaks, and put a plan of action in place to prevent further leaking. First, we removed the starter shingles on the roof. There was no Ice & Water Barrier, which is designed to prevent driving wind and rain, the kind of weather that can work its way under the strongest of shingles. We installed a barrier, and then put new Owens Corning Duration shingles in Driftwood over the Ice & Water. The Duration line is independently tested to withstand record-breaking winds, so it's a good choice to protect against heavy storms.