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Roof Repair Case Studies: Roof Repairs for Andover Home

Roof Repairs For Andover Home
Before we began work, this is what the Trinity Exteriors crew found upon inspecting the roof.
Roof Repairs For Andover Home
During the repair process, we removed the siding, installed new housewrap to increase the energy efficiency of the home, and then installed the flashing.
Roof Repairs For Andover Home
With the roofing and siding repairs completed, the homeowner will no longer have to worry about water leaking into his home.


The challenge for Minneapolis roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors with this Andover home was finding a way to prevent the leaking that was causing significant water damage to the interior spaces of the house.


When we came onto this Andover project, the first thing we did was a complete roof inspection. As the shingles themselves were only 8 years old, the building materials were in good condition. Our diagnostic analysis showed that where the roof meets the wall of the higher elevation of the house, the lack of any proper flashing was causing water to channel into the home, rather than down and away.

To fix this damage, we removed some of the siding to install step flashing down the length of the roof at that wall intersection. We also installed hem flashing and a window wrap, all of which will keep the moisture out of the house and prevent any build up of mold or deterioration of the interior walls and paint.