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Roof Repair Case Studies: Brooklyn Center Roof Restoration

Brooklyn Center Roof Restoration
Water was slowly wearing away at the chimney. We corrected the problem with proper flashing.
Brooklyn Center Roof Restoration
Water was causing significant damage to the interior of this home.
Brooklyn Center Roof Restoration
After work was completed, we could be reassured that the house would be free of leaking and water damage.


The challenge for Minneapolis area roofing contractor Trinity Exteriors with this home in suburban Brooklyn Center was to not only replace the hail damaged roof before the snow flew in November, but to repair and prevent any further water damage to the home.


The key to Trinity Exteriors' capability to work fast and efficiently is time-tested building procedures: perfecting our process is part of the reason we have been in business for more than a decade. Another reason is thorough communication with the homeowner. We touched base almost daily in order to coordinate with the homeowner's schedule and get onto the project as quickly as possible. Soon after the hail storm, we were able to tear off the old damaged shingles and install new Tamko Heritage 30 asphalt shingles in Thunderstorm Grey.

To address the interior leaking, we had to properly divert water away from weak points in the roof, down the roof where water could be channeled away from the house by the gutters. We installed flashing around the windows and along the roofing/wall lines according to best practices. The chimney wasn't flashed at all, so it was a priority for us to ensure we could prevent further deterioration by flashing around it.

Project Summary

Tamko Heritage: 30 in Thunderstorm Grey